Creating a better and
sustainable world for
our future generations.

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Proud Indian | Engineer | Entrepreneur | Renewable Energy Enthusiast | Motivational Speaker

Inspiration and Journey

Welcome to my website! I joined the Hartek Group in 2012 to contribute towards building a sustainable power infrastructure in the country. I founded two companies under the brand Hartek to add value in the ecosytem and contribute towards the nation building. My first venture, Hartek India manufactures high end electrical High-voltage and Low-voltage panels used in all kind of industries/ commercial buildings and power plants. My second venture, Hartek Solar was started with a mission to solve a global energy problem. The company builds solar power plants catering to industrial/ commercial and government institutions to meet their sustainability goals through my renewable business. My commitment to decarbonization and achieving net zero emission as soon as possible is leading us to explore new business opportunities at the Hartek Group.
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Sustainable Future

There comes a time in your life in which you start questioning your larger purpose and your mission in life. Having found my professional mission through Hartek, at the beginning of 2018, I came to realize my fundamental purpose was to pass on the information to the next generation and create a better and a sustainable world for our future generations, shall try to contribute my own bit and create a positive impact on the lives we touch.
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Awards and Recognitions

Captivating and compelling, this award-winning content seamlessly blends creativity with substance, leaving an indelible mark on its audience.
A masterpiece that transcends expectations, setting a new standard for excellence.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

Asia list of achievers for building Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

Awarded Young Entrepreneur

Awarded by SPJIMR for Sustainable Infrastructure Leadership in India

Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs

Featured in the list of leading solar energy magazine – Solar Quarter

Power 100 Solar Leader

100 most powerful Solar Business leaders in India PV Market

The Sikh 100

The most powerful, influential and contemporary Sikhs in the world

GSA’s Pride of India Award

The annual prestigious award bestowed upon outstanding Indians

Featured Videos

Talent is a unique craft. Identifying my unique talent, I started my YouTube channel aiming at bringing passionate stories to life which inspires you to follow your dreams and passion.

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Featured Videos

Talent is a unique craft. Identifying my unique talent, I started my YouTube channel aiming at bringing passionate stories to life which inspires you to follow your dreams and passion.

The Journey with Simarpreet Singh

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The Journey with Simarpreet Singh” Podcast is a talk show where we discuss about life, family, emotions, childhood, success, failure, and more….
Podcast had been on my mind since last 2-3 years, but always wanted to make it special and unique. With so much content being out every minute, how can you differentiate whether it’s your delivery or the people that you bring on the platform. The aim of this podcast is to bring forth the exciting adventures of some very interesting personalities who in their own ways have contributed towards building a better India.

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The story of Indian Entrepreneur on a mission to build a Sustainable World, sharing invaluable experiences for future generations. Get in touch to explore mentoring opportunities.

My Podcast

The podcast “Journey with Simarpreet Singh” is aimed at bringing some of India’s interesting personalities and their initiatives to make the world a better place. To know the secrets of life, tune into my podcast.

Speaking Opportunity

Being a dynamic leader with a reputation as an edutainer, I enjoy conducting live sessions to bring a larger impact towards the youth. Stay tuned for more insightful content, TedX talks and much more on my channel.

Sustainability Partner

Hartek Group is a leading Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and a Renewables company with business interests throughout the power sector value chain. Get a chance to be part of India’s energy transition journey.

My Blogs

In a world where words, wisdom and opinion matters! Get an cxclusive access to my knowledge-sharing platform, with authored articles, polls, trends on various topics towards building a sustainable future.